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Day Beds

Sugar & Spice Décor’s trundles & day beds are bundles of fun. Yes, we just used a highly simplified rhyme scheme to introduce this product subcategory. Hopefully you weren’t expecting iambic pentameter, but if you were, can we ask why? It’s not nearly as catchy.

“If mu- / -sic be / the food / of love, / play on
 Is this / a dag- / -ger I / see be- / fore me? “

Did we mention all of our day beds trundles are great for sleepovers or storage, even if your kids don’t like porridge?

Movie, vinegar fries and candy not included...
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Excellent customer service, great pricing, free & fast shipping! Rivals the Zappos experience.Lloyd D. Borchert

the BEST rugs ever and the pads are awesome. I have never had such bang for my buck!!! thank you! Carol Kramer